Welcome to the place where yoga
and a mindful existence collide.  

Our aim is to help you not only practice great yoga but integrate your studio experience into a lifestyle. Ohm paired with Culture means our community starts with guiding the individual in making conscious connections within themselves——mind-body, breath-movement, health-wellness, meditation-stillness——and then we connect that elevated sense of self with a broader network of like-minded people, raising the collective consciousness as a community.

We are home to a group of inspired wellness warriors. We don’t do yoga, we live yoga. 

Live consciously.

So modern and cute! It smells amazing when you walk in, and the music was out of this world! I left filled with gratitude and peace in my heart.
— Kimberly Evetts, Member
A tranquil, beautiful space with lovely touches. The owner is amazingly talented, and her classes are fantastic! Really, all of the classes are great. I always leave feeling a strong sense of well being.
— Janeen Pettett, Member